My sister tried to install a new graphics card into her Sony Vaio this weekend, following these steps:

She went into hardware devices, disabled the current video card, shut down the computer, then tried to install the new card.

As it turned out, the new card didn't seem to fit (anyone know what kind of video card is needed for a Sony Vaio?), and even worse, the machine won't start now. It goes through the typical start up routine, but doesn't actually get to the desktop- instead it goes to a black screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Well there are 3 different types of video cards, and depending on what vaio you have (they are all different) it could be anyone of the three (from oldest to newest): pci, agp, or pci-express. You have to make sure you get one compatable with your computer first. But your other problem, getting your computer to show video when windows boots is because you disabled the video card that is currently loaded into windows (im guessing it was just integrated graphics as you didnt say that you removed the old one). The only thing i can see fit to do in this situation is to stick in your origional windows xp disk (i hope you have one because sony's repair disks that they only sometimes give out wont work in this case, you need an actual windows xp disk). Boot to the windows xp disk and then choose to repair the operating system, but do not reinstall the operating system (well of course if you want to lose everything). That should get you back on your way.

Best of luck!

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