Recently I dropped my Sony Viao Laptop. Before I dropped it the laptop worked fine. When I picked the laptop up, the LCD screen was all messed up. you could see the full windows page, but it was smaller than it was originally. the right 1/3 side of the laptop screen is now black and on the bottom of the screen, it mirrors the top so you get a double image, ex. when i put my mouse on the screen i see it in 2 places. however it is only a partial image, its like the screen keeps repeating itself. Also there is a Grey line that goes horizontally across the laptop, even through the black areas. NOTE WHERE THIS LINE IS, IS WHERE THE SCREEN REPEATS ITSELF! I checked the connections for the LCD and they were fine, also the LCD itself is bright in the back, i dont see any black spots. Any clue to the problem? I was just going to replace the LCD but I am not sure if that is the only problem. for reference, the LCD is a SAMSUNG 15" XGA LAPTOP LCD DISPLAY LT150X3-124.

Additionally when I boot the computer up, the screen is mssed up as well. When I connect an external monitor to the VGA port, the monitor comes up fine. I wasnt sure whether it was the inverter, or the LCD or something else. but the display is only bad on the LCD, not external monitors. Does this help at all?? Has anyone ever seen this?


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Don't drop things :D Got a warranty? If so, use it :P

Shane McP

If you want to repair the unit, I would recommend sending it into Sony and letting them fix it professionally. Doing otherwise might cost you a bundle and still leave you with a busted laptop.

If the laptop doesn't have warrenty coverage or they won't cover the damage under the warrenty (I can't imagine that they would consider that covered damage), it would probably cost more than a new system to repair it. I would recommend that you just use the busted laptop as a desktop system by attaching a monitor and other peripherals to it and purchase a laptop to replace the broken system.

I use a Toshiba Satellite p15 and have been experiencing the same problem. With my unit, I have come to the conclusion that it is not a hardware problem but a software problem. I have been able to periodically reset it through the BIOS (press __ to enter setup when you first turn the computer on). Up until this morning it went from being the right 1/3 of the screen to being centered (1/6 on each side without the horizontal repeat). I wish I could be more help for you, but I have yet to find a permanent software fix for this. My advice, when it comes time to buy a new computer, save the one your trying to repair for light duty and go back to a desktop. Laptops are more trouble than they are worth. See if you can find the right driver for your monitor as opposed to the generic Microsoft "Plug and Play" monitor. Update your video card driver as well if possible. Hope this saves you a little stress. Will post if I find a solution.

Dude! he dropped it and when he picked it up it wasn't working properly, it can't be software. It's gotta be a hardware issue. One of my customers brought one in just like you're describing and the laptop actually looks like he dropped it from a tenth floor so I'm assuming it's the same issue.

So... let's think hardware, what could cause this problem?

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