I went shopping today, to buy a new microphone as my old one broke. When i came home to install it, i put the jack in the right socket (Pink one) and my mic wont work. My computer reconized it as a microphone, when i speak into it, i can hear my voice. But, when i try to use my mic through teamspeak or MSN messenger, it doesnt work.

My old microphone had the same problem, but did work (i cant remember, i think my son played around with it).

I also tried testing with Sound Recorder, however, when ever i press the record button i get a box which says "your audio hardware cant record files like the current file.

Please help me, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

-Trent Fletcher.

What is the default audio file on your computer, is there a hardware setting that you can change in device manager for the microphone so it is the same as the computer default audio file


I just saw the post and i realized that i have the sa me exact problem... I got the solution at the end: go to volume control, there should be two options: recording and playback. Chose recording, and then press OK. Then under the microphone is a check space that should be checked. Yours is probably not checked, so check it, press ok, and i am pretty sure it will work.;)

I had these problems too and 3 years later found this thread and fixed them. I love you aburich.

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