I have a LG M2780D LED monitor that is supposed to be able to display 1920x1080. I have a Radeon Saphhire 6950 in my custom built PC and whenever I try to set the resolution at 1920x1080 the screen downsizes (doesn't fill up the entire screen). I tried going into the menu settings on my monitor and adjusting the aspect ratios but the only one that fills up the screen is "cinema zoom" and it's actually just stretching the picture out. Drivers are up to date.

The only resolution that properly displays is 1680x1050. Help anyone?

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Regardless of what the monitor can display for a max resolution, the max resolution you can set the display to will depend on the video card with its driver. If the manufacturer doesnt support the resolution you are trying to get to then, you'll need to find another video card that does support that resolution.

The 6950 goes for 250$... It supports 1080.

If you are using the most recent drivers/ccc from amd's website, there is a setting under "My Digital Flat-Panels -> Scaling Options" called overscan with a slide bar. Slide that bar all the way to the right while using 1920x1080 and that should fix your problem.

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