I have a question about the USB Host Controller.

When I plug a USB device into my P.C. a box comes up saying 'This device can work faster if connected to a High Speed USB 2 port' or something similar and sometimes mentions some thing about USB 1.1 Ports.

Yet my P.C. has 6 USB 2 ports.

Is it normal for my P.C. to tell me this when I plug a USB Device in?

When I look in Device Manager listed is:-

INTEL 82801DB/DBM USB Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD
- 24C2
- 24C4
- 24C7

Then a list that says USB Root Hub etc.

My P.C. Spec:-

MotherBoard: ASUSTEK P4B 533VM
RAM: 640MB
USB: INTEL 82801DB/DBM U.S.B. Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD


I have Internet access via a BroadBand Dongle (plugged into a USB port) which 'Drops Out' frequently and I have to wait for the Dongle to be re-recognised as a USB Device before I can re-connect. Is this related to the question/problem I mentioned above?

Thank you for any help you can give,


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You either have USB 1 ports or you don't have the correct driver installed. You are using XP??? If so, what service pack?

Oh sorry - forgot to include that info!

I'm using Windows XP Servive Pack 2.



Update it to service pack 3 and see if that makes a difference!

sometimes when the USB bus is saturated that message can appear as well. it can also appear if there is not enough power going to the USB device you plug in. did you plug the device into a USB port directly on the motherboard (backplate) or it is plugged in through an extension cord or USB hub?

Yes - it is plugged directly into the USB port ie. not using an extension cable or a hub.
I've updated the driver but I'm still getting the problem.

Might be worth going to the asus website and updating the motherboard drivers! Did you get your current usb driver from the cd that was supplied with the motherboard?

Agreed, try updating your motherboard chipset drivers to start.

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