Hi, as the title states my vaio does not want to boot from my USB even though it is set to boot from EXTERNAL DEVICE in the bios and EXTERNAL DEVICE is the 1st boot priority. Where the screen that shows the message "windows is loading files" is supposed to appear, instead i have a blinking cursor and after a minute or two the letter J appears and the cursor continues to blink next to it and if left alone, nothing happens.

The reason for re-installing windows is that every time i try turning on the laptop normally, i get the blue screen error message coming up stating that a memory dump is in progress and the laptop is shutting down to prevent any damages to windows. My issue here is no longer about trying to fix the memory dump problem. I simply wish to reinstall windows which is just not happening. The laptop is running on windows 7 and it is the same OS which i am trying to re-install. The laptop is a fairly new one, bought about a year and a half to two years ago and has barely been used.

Any help available would be greatly appreciated. Btw i'm sending this message from another computer since the vaio is currently unable to access anything. Also, booting from safe mode is not working as a message comes up stating that the username and/or password is not correct which is stupid seeing as it's the same username and password i've been using all this time.

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A dumb question, maybe all of it was dumb

Did you verify that your USB is even bootable? Possibly on another computer

Do sony product you have has recovery partition embedded in your laptop?

Do you have recovery disk that used to recover your laptop to factory default windows?

And lastly, did you try to press any button when you try to boot your USB?

Yes my usb is bootable. I have used it before to reinstall windows. No there is no recovery partition embedded and no i don't have the recovery disk but i did manage to solve the problem by restoring to factory default by pressing alt and f10 on boot. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

When you say you solve it by restoring to factory default, it means there was a recovery partition embedded. Kinda weird when you say there's no recovery partition at first and tell you solve by factory default.

By the way, glad to see you've solve your problem.

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