When i try to do a scan it gets to about 67% then crashes
im using bt net protect plus whicj is basically mcaffe and i am on windows 7
i have tried scanning the computer with some software called trojan killer and something called spy hunter and they dont come up with anything
what can i do to stop my pc crashing like this

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Would you be able to open up task manager and see what CPU usage it is at, although it might not be, it could be because your CPU is being overworked, virus scans can be very intensive things.

Scan your computer with one product at a time. You can get the results you are encountering when you have multiple AV products running at the same time.

try one of the online scans, panda activescan, and Computer Associates scanners, less footprint
disable most of the installed autoruns while you do it to lessen the processor load

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