hi does anybody know if there is such a gps chip small enough to put inside a laptop that can be tracked later on with a software if stolen?

I had two new laptops & both has been stolen so im searching for a solution that i can track my laptop once stolen but that does not required the internet to do so.the chip get its power from the laptop battery so its track-able even when the laptop is off.

if anybody have an idea an opinion please share thahks.

hi thanks for the reply.I want to make a business out of this, so that it can be put inside any asset that somebody wont to secure its recovery once lost or stolen.

I guess it must exist how do they tack vehicle and stuff! but use the same Technic on a smaller device.

im sure if you google hard enough you'll find what your looking for ,the chip in my first link fits on the tip of your finger so it will definitely fit in the laptop ,but it will need to be in a device that supplies power to it, so that will make it bigger '
i don't think looking for info on a Windows help forum is the place to start looking for info on creating this type of business ,
multi billion dollar car manufactures have a lot more at there disposal than you and I ,so its easier for them ,remember that like the car company's,[GM and OnStar for example ] you have to supply the laptop customer with a tractable device, but you also have to supply the tracking ,you have to find it for them and get it back ect ect.


apple's Iphone is an example it tracks all lost phones ,and if they are still on it will telly you right where the lost/stolen phone is ,they supply a website for you to input your phones info to help locate it for you so this is what you want to do except with a laptop

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