I put my (2 year old P34xx?) laptop into sleep mode as I normally do. The next day I powered it up, it started to boot and then froze before getting to windows. I shut it off and it hasn't booted up since.

The blue power light on the button comes on. I can hear the CD/DVD click once, the blue hard drive light on the front flashes and then nothing. I tried an external video and it also displays nothing.

I tried swapping out memory cards (has two slots and I tried every combination). I tried the power reset sequence Toshiba suggests (Power+F12) after removing and re-installing the battery. Nothing.

If I leave it plugged in long enough the fan starts and then stops. If I leave it plugged in for hours the fan will stay on for longer periods of time (5 or 10 minutes) but it never boots or displays anything. Like a blank screen.

I've tried it with and without the power supply. I removed all the covers and reset what I could.

Should I call Toshiba and pay for them to diagnose or take it inot a laptop repair place? I suspect a motherboard or some power issue. Kind of rulled out the whole memory thing. Could both modules be bad?


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Take them both out and boot, you should hear a succession of beeps. If you do then your board is fine.

Most Likely you have a Battery problem try and boot without the battery with only the A/C charger on.

Thanks, finito. I did try pulling the memory and have used the power supply... Nothing. I have not tried removing the battery and using the supply alone. If the battery is low though, I would think the power supply would kick in and override the battery. I'll try that tonight. Laptop is in wife's car.

Thanks, again!

I did try pulling the memory and have used the power supply... Nothing.

When you say nothing, what do you mean? It didn't even try to boot up? Or same thing lights up and stays there.

Please try removing the RAM chips and power with Charger and try again if it didn't boot at all.

If it booted and there was no sound your board or processor is gone.

without the memory in it, the power button lights up blue, the front battery light comes on, the CD/DVD click and then it sits there. No fan sound at all and nothing on the screen. If I leave it plugged in for an hour it starts to make intermittent fan noises but never boots. The screen never shows anything. It will not even boot enough to go into bios. Thanks!

Either your processor or motherboard is bad.

Make sure no extra peripherals are connected, if there were then try again.

Otherwise as I said motherboard or Processor.

Sometimes (but in very rare cases) there maybe a fried chip on the board that may be replaceable.

If you are daring enough to open your computer up you may be able to find the problem and fix it.

Haha... I think I'll take it in to the shop and see if it's worth the expense. Paid $1500 2 years ago. Can probably replace it today $600. May not be worth the expense though. Im good with removing the covers and keyboard. Any other attempts will turn it into a basket case.

Thanks for your help though, finito! I suspected it was the MB myself. Desktops are so much easier to diagnose.

np. Glad to help.

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