My graphics card - Gigabyte GT630 - wont send a signal to the monitor. Could someone please explain how to get it to work? thanks

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It might sound daft but do you have the latest drivers installed ?

well i cant do that because i just built the system and i need that graphics card to work so i can install drivers and even the operating system :/

Ha true, you should still get some sort of display from the onboard graphics card. I've had a Google and some people who have had the same issue and found it could be that the motherboard is broken or isn't compatible with graphics card. It could also be that the card slot is not functioning correctly.

Try taking the new graphics card out and just using the onboard card to see if you get a display or you could use try inserting the card into a different mothorboard and vice-versa to see if it's a compatability issue or if one of them isn't working.

i have no on board unfortunately, which is why i cant download drivers or anything... :/ ive had a mate look and he said it should be compatible and that he tried it in his and it worked so im lost

Do you at least get some video during the power on self test, prior to an OS loading screen?

nope absolutely nothing :(

Do isolated tests on each component. Use your motherboard and everything else from your friends computer to check it isn't the motherboard, if your motherboard has more than 1 G-card slot swop the card to check it's not just the slot. check your monitor with your friends macheine too, sounds obvious but easily over-looked.

Are you sure it is plugged into a compatible slot on your motherboard? What interface does the video card use - pci-x??. Is the slot compatible with that?

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