i have an
intel based mother board 945 gccr (essential series) &
i want to purchase a graphic card ...................

(nvdia gforce8600gts and 8600gt,8500gt,8400gs)

i think these cards are best.......

(but these cards supports sli technology and
i heard that in (sli technology) needs two slotes of pcie 16 x ) but this board has only one slot )

are they supports mother board...............
if yes then which one is best..........
if not sugest a good card (ati or nvdia)

//\\( price range between is 100 $ to 210 $ )

my e-mail id is......

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The Graphics that support the SLI technology doesn't mean that it need two Slots to Operate .
Actually the SLI technology based in Operating two graphics that supports SLI to have dual graphics card with dual GPUs.(Which leads to Dual image processing power).

And ofcourse to operate the SLI technology You need a MotherBoard that supports SLI .(I advice You to go for the NForce series for this purpose).

-And about which graphics card is best i think that 8600GTS is better.
But I advise you to get 9500 GT since its a budget card and About the same, Just make sure you get DDR3 and not ddr2. Big difference in gaming.
(That 's my opinion).

its best to consult a hardware..

Try Radeon HD4770 or HD4670.

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