I have a P4 pc based on the Intel D845WN motherboard with an ATI Rage 128 Pro video adapter. The machine had been running perfectly well until today, when it would not even POST. There was no keyboard functionality, I could not boot from a floppy or even access the BIOS. In short, I have been frozen out. The only communication the machine is offering is the following single line of text:

P/N 133-DH-84414 P01233 RAGE128PRO 120/120 BIOS PAL

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and managed to resolve it? Is this line of text referring to a particular fault? There are no beeps emanating from the pc at startup to indicate any generic problem. I have tested the video card in other pcs and it works fine. My single memory module (256mb PC133 SDRAM) is seated correctly and functioning. I even went so far as to remove the CMOS battery and then later flash the BIOS after removing the appropriate jumper, only to be greeted with the same line of text upon restarting the computer. I am thus left with an inaccessible and redundant PC, so any ideas as to possible solutions would be most welcome.

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First thing i would do is disconnect the hard drive see is it post any further when a harddrive fail they usally cause the computer to hang when bios try to access it, if it post all the way replace the drive if not disconected both cdrom could also cause the problem, and if still don't solve the problem take out all you cards and leave just the video card in and see if it post also check the voltage on the power supply your 12v and 5v rail with a mutlmeter if the voltage drop to low you have a bad power supply. do this only in this order.

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