I recently purchased a headset to talk with my boyfriend online. We use the program Skype rather frequently and find it works alright. However, if I want to play a game or listen to music, or whatever while I am talking on my headset the noise from my game/music blares into my boyfriend's headset. I could have the volume down so low on my end with my game that I can barely hear a whisper, but he still hears it clear as day.
I am tired of having all my games on mute when I am talking on Skype, anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? I hear his end gaming sometimes too, but it's certainly not blasting in my ears it's more of a whisper...

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let me get this strait ,you have a open mic to talk to your boy friend ,and you play music and games out loud, and you don't expect the mic to pick that up and brodcast it to who's ever on the other end ,cant see that not happening

No it's not an open mic, it's a headset... For example, I am using my headset to talk through Skype and playing WoW with my boyfriend. While I cannot hear his WoW through the headset he can hear mine, even if my WoW volume is so low I can bearly hear it.

if the mic is not open ,then how do you talk to your boyfiend ,its a head set/mic combo correct ,the mic has to be picking up other sound in the room ,unless it has a on off switch ,me thinks anyway .

having said that maybe you mic is plugged into the wrong port on the computer ,what is the make and model of your head set

When you said open Mic I thought you meant a stand-alone mic. I cannot understand why my mic would be picking up something I am hearing in the headset earphones. My regular speakers are not making any noise what-so-ever when I have the headset plugged in, and it otherwise works just fine (providing I don't have anything making noise on my computer).
I am sure it is plugged in properly to my computer and everything...

Oh I forgot... The make/model of my headset is Logitech h150.

Logitech h150

ok, now i get it sorry ,didn't realise you were listing to the game sound through the headset as well as your boyfriend ,my bad
gig a try at logitech help and answers might be you best bet .good luck .

Logitech h150

also it doesnt get great reviews as a good haead set

I saw that this particular headset didn't get great reviews as being any good. A friend of mine suggests there is a cross in signals or whatever between the computer and the headset and it's broadcasting through my mic. :\ I think I am just going to get a different headset if that's the case, preferably one with a USB connection as he says they are not prone to such problems.

good luck with new choice

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