Hi, it's weird coming from me seeking help with this but I've a little problem at my hand...

I have a 320GB External HDD which has been working fine for almost a year now if I remembered but recently I try to copy some files from my external with error cyclic redundacy error but ironically I can still copy into same HDD.

Then, I've done a chkdsk and found numerous error including 'File record segment ***** is unreadable' (***** represents number of random sector), deleting corrupt file segment and stuff. But no matter what, it can't seem to finish it successfully and come up with and error on same cmd window 'File verification is unreadable' or something. I've try numerous times already and results were same, even with specific command /f /x /r...

I thought about just backup my whole files whenever possible from my External to another HDD and format it to remove the error but if anyone got a solution to this problem would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

Any solution within Windows and Linux is fine. I've both ready for everything to correct this...

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The file system is corrupted. You need to run chkdsk (Windows) or fsck (Linux) to fix the file system. You also should scan for back blocks since the drive may be starting to fail.


Thanks but i've already try it.

But i've finally found the true problem, my external failed due to many bad sector inside.

Luckily warranty for the external HDD is still around so I'll just need to RMA it and hopefully problem is solved...

Thanks for your concern...

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