My HP Pavilion dv6 just started a new issue. While I am using it, the screen will go slightly dark. When it happens, I can still see my stuff on the screen but is like being in a room where someone just turned off 95% of the lights! Does anyone know what this might be? I can close my lid and let the computer go to sleep and when I open it, it starts back up fine with the bright screen. Thanks.

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check the status of the battery when this happens. sometimes the battery settings change mid-use in order to help battery longevity or such

Thought about that but didn't notice anything.

what version of windows are you running?

control panel - hardware - power options - change power saving settings - change (current) plan settings - change advanced power settings.

or you might have a third party utility that does it for you (eg such as a built in utility like HP power manager or something installed by the manufacturer). I used to have a Fujitsu laptop that had that on it.

Is there any light at all coming from the backlight in the laptop? can you see anything if you turn all the lights out in a dark room?

else it's likely to be a GpU failure, or hopefully an inverter issue, and that could be more time consuming and expensive to fix.

Windows Vista but I haven't had this issue until recently.

When it goes dark, I can still see the screen but it is like you are reading a book and all of the lights in a room are turned off except one on the other side of the room and you can just see the page you were reading but just barely.

Just go to Display settings and change the power plan settings for the power plan.

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