hi i have a hp laptop. i ended up shutting down the laptop last night and started it up today and the screen is black but i can still see things. barely but still can see things. i ended up trying to hold down the fn button and move arrow up or down to brighten or dim it but nothing happened. i was wondering, could that be from a burned out backlight or a broken backlight? if so how much would it cost?

try hooking it to a regular computer monitor ,if it works on it ,then yes its bad backlight ,how much to fix ,hard to say ,don't know where you live and what the going rate would be ,using the exact model number you could check e-bay for the part

oh aiight. thanks for the help. i appreciate it.

yeah the first troubleshooting action is to try it on an external monitor, if it shows, then do further troubleshooting on these, the screen, power mode, hibernating button or flex connector...

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