I recently got a hp Pavilion g6. It already had Window 7 installed and Direct X 11 installed. However when I try to play Warcraft in it I get the error message Direct X is not supported. And when I did some searching it says that Pavilion g6 doesn't support DirectX 11. How can I solve this problem ? Any advice is appreciated.

You can try to run your computer in compatability mode for the application, or download and install the lates DX10 or DX9 drivers for your computer (i'm pretty sure it won't overwrite your DX11, but I'm not positive) .

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Someone else also advised me that you can change the compatible directX mode from the game settings but the proble is the game itself doesn't load. I will try downloading and installing the DX9 or DX10. Hopefully it will get the job done. Thanks.

The problem was solved, I did two things, activate windows and install the SP1 for Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm not sure which solved the problem, most probably the SP1 update.

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