My brother owns a HP Pavilion dv7 (s/n 3CE90635L3) lap top.
Yesterday I borrowed it (without asking) and used and HDMI cable to connect it to my tv to watch some videos... I connected the pc to the tv and changed it so that instead of having 2 monitors the image shows up only on the tv! Everything worked fine so I watched videos on my tv all night long, I went to sleep and left the lap top still on only turning off the tv, today I woke up, turned the tv on and everything was working fine! So I watched a few videoclips but suddently had to leave, so I just paused the videos and turned the tv off (but didnt touch the pc leaving it on).
Now I have got home and the lap top was on but no image on the tv! I turned it on and off a few times and reconnected the cables a few times aswell, but nothing! I started to freak out because when I disconnected the HDMI cable there was no image on the lap top screen aswell!! I turned the lap top off, disconnected the cable and turned it back on! NO IMAGE!!! I tried restarting it again and again but no luck... I also tried to use the Fn key with the "monitor" key but nothing happends!!
Here is what is happening to the lap top every time I turn it on: It makes a turning on sound (i think its the inside fan) but right after the sound stops... The screen turns on (still black, but glows) and then off again real quick... The lights all turn on, but the capslock light keeps flashing... The disc tray also keeps making some weird sounds every 20 seconds and its light also keeps flashing!
My brother returns home in two days and I really really wanted to get this fixed BEFORE he notices it! If it's a problem I must take to a professional to fix it is ok, but I want to know what is it first so that I dont get overpriced!
All help is aprecciated, thanks already!

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hello ,not sure I can help, but will try ,my first question is ,what did you have the laptop sitting on when you left it on all that time

sorry for taking so long to answer you.... it was on top of the same table the tv is, right beside the tb!

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