Looks like I am having a hardisk problem. I have a PC that I am trying to install Windows XP. After I restart, the PC wasn't able to read from CD-ROM which I already set it in the BIOS. I use a DVD-ROM actually not a CD-ROM, which is not defined in the BIOS eventhough it's working as a hardware.

Anyway, there is this message appears: RPM etc. with a rotating | why is it?

If your computer supports the CD ROM, it will sopprt the DVD ROM as well, for read operations, its using a basic driver

That spinning character sounds like what you see on PxE capable computers. If your computer doesn't find an OS on the CD ROM and no OS installe on the hard drive, it continues down the list of bootable devices. If your network sparer is PxE enabled, it will try to boot from the network.

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