hi i have a toshiba and i copy dvds and stuff. when i am loading in the movie itself i have no problem. but when i am putting in the blank dvd+r's they seem to have a hard time reading and loading. i was using the memorex brand but they stopped working so i am now using sony. i was wondering if anyone has came across this problem or know's what the problem could be? i was thinking maybe the drive where i put the dvd+r's into but not sure. if anyone knows. please help. thanks

hi, not sure about sony disk ,but I just recently tossed a 3 year old [got a good deal at cosco ,hated to waste them]50 spindle of memorex that rarely worked ,I usually use tdk or Ridata with great success.
why are u using +r's ,see If you can get a dvd-R to try ,
also check the autorun setting for blank media, go to [my]computer ,right click the dvd-rom icon and check autorun tab ,and see what its set t odo with blank dvd's