I have a Toshiba Laptop that is about 5 years old (Tecra A8). The other day when I turned on the laptop I saw the screen flicker, but it was fine after that.5-10 days after this incedent (I was able to use my laptop during this period) I turned on my laptop and the screen goes black. I could still hear the computer booting up and could faintly see the images on the screen. I have read other forums and tried pulling the batt and power cord and holding the power switch, and that has not worked.

It should be noted that the screen does fully come on for a brief few seconds and then will go blank coming out of standby or when you first turn it on. Any suggestions Please

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Sounds to me like your backlight is starting to go. I would suggest checking your contrast / brightness... but you say that the screen turns on for a brief moment, and then goes faint, so that's likely not the problem. Unfortunately, replacing the backlight is a fairly expensive and tedious job, and you might be better off just replacing the whole lid (screen). Good luck and let me know how it goes.

The problem sounds like your display has gone. As you have mentioned, you can hear the computer booting up n you could see the images faintly on the screen.

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