I have a toshiba satellite pro L300.When I start with the AC the machine refuse to start but with the battery it works and freezes after windows lunch. On safe mode the machine works perfectly either with the battery or when I plug in the AC adapter after starting up with the battery.
Need help fellows.

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Have you installed something recently, updated a driver? Think about when this started happening, since you can boot into safe mode it sounds like a Windows related issue. Have you tried performing a system restore to an earlier point in time while in safe mode?

ITG-JM is right.
if you have installed anything before this happend.
because a wrong driver, can cause problems with your hardware.
in safe mode, the most drivers are not loaded. thats why it is working in safe mode and not good in ''normal'' mode.
try to deinstall it in safe mode and look of it worked.

greetings jeannot

The problems still persist. I have actually formated. I can only start the machine with the battery and not AC charger. When I boot the machine in safte mode; then I am able to use the charger but not in normal mode.

Can you get access to another AC adapter? There is really nothing in Windows that you can do to adjust a setting to fix this, at least I cant think of anything. The fact that you reformatted at least indicates to me that its not a driver or other Windows problem. You have the same problem on two different instances of Windows. That points me in the direction of a hardware problem. I would try a different AC adapter.

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