hi i ended up posting in here a while ago about the same problem i think but i cant remember. anyway my dvd drive is giving me a hard time loading any discs that will go in the drive. i try and burn dvds and it will only let me burn 1 dvd a day. 2 if i'm lucky. i tried cleaning the disc with a disc cleaner but it still does the same thing. i thought it was a bad drive but the only symptom i have is that i put it in and it starts to make the sound that its going to load but it sometimes doesn't load. the drives not loud or noisy. it registers with the computer and it shows i have a d drive. but i don't know whats wrong with it. i don't really have money to take it anywhere to get it fixed and looked at.

                               would the drive do that if the software of the drive needed to be updated? how can you tell the drive would need to be updated or how would you even diagnose a software problem with the dvd drive? thank you in advanced to anyone that responds and helps. the laptop i have is a toshiba satellite L355(not sure if that helps either but ill give you that too). thank you.

Usually this is a head/sensor mis-alignment issue. That usually requires replacing the drive, which is cheaper to do than repair if the drive is out of warranty. Given that they can be had for $10-35 USD these days (for dvd burners), save your pennies and get a new one!

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