hey yll,

it seems 2 be a simple but rather irritating prob.....k here goes....the green light or power light doesnt come on,though everyting else(read- CD rom, monitor,fan)are turned on..... and yeah it does take ages nearly an hour for the
green light 2 flash ,but once tats on its smooth sailing.Im possibly guessing its soem kinda hardware prob, also im not sure if the syst specs gno be ne help...
but here goes
OS- Xp pro with sp1, p3,motherboard-Kobain with 128mb ram...have been using this for a couple of yrs now without a prob
Appreciate ne suggestions tat cld help me get this sorted before i call
the tech guy who ends up ripping me off more often than not(no offense intented) ;) ....Thanks in advance :) :) :)

Does the system work OK, even with the power light not being visible? If so then it's likely just a faulty LED, and not a problem at all. You don't really need that little green light if evberything works OK, do you?

hey catweazle,

alright my bad.....guess i wasnt clear there......

k......so basically wat happpens is once i turn on teh power the rom,monitor and fan are on.....with the screen remainign absolutely blank adn only once teh green light flashes is when the pc boots with teh bios messages and all.......
hope ive mad it easier here..............thanks :D

Has any internal hardware been changed prior to this behaviour showing up?

Acutally no......its worked like a charm for nearly 2 yrs....but kinda remember a similar prob which was like 3yrs ago and it was teh motherboard tat was messed up.

perhaps its the motherboard again. how did you fix it last time?