hey, i was wondering if whoever has a powermac g5 if they could measure the hight of the case(from the bottom, including the power supply, all the way to the shelf) (not including where the superdrive and hd's are. And also the hight of the shelf(where the superdrive and the hd's are)

thanks so much in advance for all your help!!!!!!!


Sounds like you are building something. Might want to look on Apple's website for the measurements too. If you are building a desk/case, be sure to allow cooling vents for air to circulate around. Nothing like putting your G5 into a sauna...


The G5 tower is actually taller and wider than most PC cases. I had a problem in trying to buy a desk for the mac - I had to bring the dimensions of it with me as I shopped because I wanted the tower to fit under the desk.

I'm a bit confused what you mean ... do you want me to open the side panel of my G5 up and measure the height of the different interior compartments? Let me know and I'll whip out the measuring tape.

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