Hello all,

So I just had all of my household good shipped from CT to TX, including my self-built PC's. The main PC had a downed HD upon unboxing. Re-installed WIN7 everything is good. Had some issues with internet, so I shut it down.

Came home later that day and started it up...no display. I normally have three monitors running. I disconnected everything and connected it back...was moving it to another room. Still no display across any of the monitors. i then disconnected all but one, tried it on all four DVI outputs on the video cards and still nothing. I know the components installed in the PC work with the monitors as it has worked flawlessly up until this point. Also, there have been no hardware changes...I just installed the new OS on the next HD down. Not sure what to do next so any help, of course, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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try taking your video card out and putting it back in.. I've had that issue and found that doing this fixed it. If a vid card is seated even slightly wrong it can have some weird effects.

I bet it caught juggled around in the move and some parts inside came loose. sounds like that might have been the hd problem too.

hope this helps...

thanks bro. I'll check it out and report my findings...

I'd agree with gabeand - take the cover off and reseat all of the components. There may be other loose components (both socketed chips as well as expansion boards) that need to be reset in their sockets (RAM, flash/bios chips, etc). Also, check for loose screws.

I tried everything guys...found nothing loose and verified that all individual components were receiving power...its a sad day for me. I think I'm just going to tear it down and harvest the parts for another build. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

Actually, I have some developments. What I decided to do is replace the mobo in the flagship with a mobo in the small boy. I took the mobo and the hard drives. I removed both video cards from the flagship but only took the black edition and installed it in the small boy. However, booting up without the video card in the small boy yeilded expected results. Booted up, got a display. I shut it down and put in the video card and plugged in the two PCI-E power supplies. Booted up, no display, even though I was plugged into the on board video. Shut it down again, unplugged the PCI-E connections, but left the video card installed...got a display and a really high rpm on the video card fan. What do you guys make of that? My guess is that I have a bad video card. Also, there are no onboard video for the flagship PC. So couldn't have tested that out without the video cards. Would have reached this conclusion earlier.

Okay, so turns out the BE XFX Radeon HD 5850 was bad...not sure what failed, but XFX replaced both video cards. Got them both and installed on the mobo in the ame configuration, everything is up and op...thanks for the help guys.

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