Own Dell Optiplex desktop GX 280 ( bios A04 (02/09/05). Bios has administrator password which I don't know. Tried using backdoor password, third party software for revealing password, no luck. Disconnected CMOS battery which changed date and time but did not remove the administration password locked BIOS. Could not find BIOS clearing junpers on motherboard which I don't know if that could solve the problem, which is to be able to change the boot order so I can reinstall windows xp. Any help will be appreciated from this forum since I have run out of options short of replacing the motherboard or the computer itself.


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If the hard drive is in the boot list then you should be able to install XP on the hard drive and it will boot from that. Or is the problem that the hard drive is before the CD/DVD drive in the boot list?

- Let us know how it goes.

The hard drive was first in the boot list but bios also had an administrator password protection. I found an article by dell explaining how to solve this. The motherboard has a jumper that controls the administration password in bios. I removed the jumper, re-started the computer and was able to change boot order.


Yes, the changing the jumper settings will change the BIOS settings. You can find the jumper in the motherboard.

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