So here is the problem im having. I checked my email one night before going to bed then shut it down for the night and didnt turn it back on until the next day, it was off for about 10 hours. When i turned it back on the next day everything powered on and it posted but i had no display on the monitor. The monitor doesnt say no signal, it says DSUB Analog and then goes to sleep, which im assuming means its getting a signal from the onboard graphics of the mobo. I also tried using my other video card which is a Geforce 8600gt using th dvi connector and it says DVI Digital and then still goes to sleep.Ive hooked the monitor up to my laptop and it works just fine. So i figured id upgrade some stuff and hope it gets resolved in the process. Here are my computer specs and what i have already tried to fix the problem.

AsRock n68+s mobo
Amd phenom x3
kentek 600w psu
Geforce 8600gt

I changed the psu from 500w to 600w hoping the mobo wasnt getting enough power, i also swapped out the mobo. I have tried clearing the cmos on both mobo's, removing all the hardware one piece at a time and booting, removing the battery for 30 mins on each board, and ive also tried using different cables to connect everything as well. Nothing has yielded any results what so ever. I did notice one pin on the processor was bent and fixed it. I also just noticed that if i turn the monitor off and then back on while the computer is on the screen then says no signal. Any help or suggestions or any info would be greatly appreciated.

hi, you tried different video card ,motherboard power supply ,ect ect ,did you try another monitor

I did not, as i dont have another monitor to use. I did connect the computer to my tv but it said no signal as well.

anybody have any ideas at all?

How old is the monitor, and what make and model is it? (need model number)

Is there any chance you have changed the resolution in your desktop settings? If a PC's resolution is set beyond the capability of the monitor it won't display anything, or some monitors report an error. This may explain why it works okay with your laptop.

Its a gateway fpd1810 not sure how old it is but im assuming at least five years. And I didn't change the resolution since I've had he monitor. But I will try to find another monitor to try and report back. Anything to do or try in the meantime would be very helpful. Thanks again

If the resolution of the output from the computer is higher than that of the monitor, or the frequency is 60hz instead of 50hz and vice versa then you'll not see anything on it.

A second thought: how sure are you the computer is working?

Your maximum resolution for this monitor is 1280 x 1024 / 75.0 Hz. What resolution did you have your PC set to, please?

Do you see a POST screen, or Gateway logo, or anything that could only be from the PC after you first turn it on?

Are you able to access the monitor's configuration menu? Is there on option for default settings? On some monitors there's an 'Auto' button that lets the monitor optimize settings. Your monitor is relatively old so if you don't see one with the other buttons, it probably doesn't have one.

Havent had a chance to look for a different monitor with the hurricane the last couple days. Im sure the computer works because ive gotten it to post, i hear windows loading, and im not sure what the resolution was set to as ive never had to adjust it and it worked perfcectly for almost 3 years. When i turn the computer and the monitor on i see a box that says DSUB analog or dvi digital depending on how i have it hooked up. I can not access the monitors configuration menu at all. And there is the word auto in the middle of all of the buttons on the monitor but when i press any of the buttons nothing happens.

I'm sorry, I didn't know this storm was affecting you. That thing has me worried because I have many good friends there. I hope it hasn't affected you badly.

Wherever you're ready, in your own time, please check to see if the monitor still works with the laptop. Can you try accessing the monitor's Configuration Menu while it is connected to the laptop and check its settings, please? Can it be set to defaults?

Yea, i live right outside of philly so it got pretty bad here but all is well now. So i hooked the monitor up to my laptop and could see the menu. It tells me its 720x400 @ 70 hz but i cannot change it through the configuration i also did not see anything that said anything about resetting it to default settings. There isnt anyway of restoring defaults by power cycling for a monitor is there?

When it in connected to your laptop, what resolution is your laptop set at?

it says 720x400 thats the only time i was able to see anything

So i got another monitor to try and still got nothing out of it. I tried using both mobo's and setting it to different resolutions as well all with no luck. I found an old compaq p3 in the closet and hooked that up and it works just fine with both monitors. I also tried using a different vga cable which also didnt help any. All of this leads me to believe that there is something wrong with one of the two things that the mobo's share: ram and processor. So ive got a dual core processor in the mail on its way here to see if that helps any, once it gets here ill go from there.

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