Hey! I have a problem with my Amilo Sa 3650 keyboard. A little tea (no sugar!) was spilt on it and I quickly mopped it up as it wasn't that much liquid. Shortly after, the keyboard keys went crazy (some keys acted like they were being pressed constantly), I waited a few days and now most keys have regained their normal functions, except the arrow keys, and the following keys appear together when typed: qz, tv, ub, 3<, j & space bar (types "j " automatically). Would replacing the keyboard work or could it be a motherboard issue? A USB keyboard works fine and otherwise the laptop doesn't have any other problems. Would be really grateful if anyone has any advice! Thanks.

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A replacement keyboard will be your only fix.

I general I agree with Ric, but I have on 2 occasions spilt liquid onto key boards. If you take the keyboard apart (carefully) then you will find that most keyboards are made of a rubber membrane which has 'tracks' on it and the key actually is a graphite push button the bridges the lines and makes a connection. It is possible that some of you liquid has dried either on the bottom of the push down button (key) or on the tracks and prevents (or conducts) when it shouldn't. Cleaing off is the answer for this type.
If the key board is one where the keys are actual switches it may be possible to do a unsoldering and replacement job but not worth it for the price of a new one!

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