Last night laptop went through an update and when it restarted I couldnt log in because the keyboard wasnt

working. I have tried the following :
- restarting the computer and removing the battery like everyone has said
- system restore
- uninstalling the keyboard driver however it does not work
- i even restored my whole laptop losing all of my files yet it still does not work

PLEASE HELP! I am currently using an external HP G Series G56 Keyboard plugged into the USB port of my laptop.

happygeek commented: poorly disguised spam, fooling nobody - PS I deleted the link to your shop... -2

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For someone who sells spare parts for computers, you seem to have an awful lot of problems with keyboards. Maybe you should try a different supplier. Or maybe you should just stop posting generic questions about keyboard failure in order to spam links to your online shop?

Show the authorized center of HP so they can find out the fault and repair it.

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