I have dell Optiplex GX620, I have installed windows 7 but it shows that no audio output device is installed. I even changed my sound card, but no use. I have visited many hardware shops as well to repair it but no one could find any problem.
so is there any hardware to attach externally to resolve this problem??

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If you look in your device manager, do you see any devices with a yellow symbol, any device saying unknown hardware, or any devices under audio devices?

Trying to establish if you have a sound device installed.

Also, the dell's have a tag# on the device. You can hit the dell support site, enter the tag, and get the downloads for the latest drivers for your system.

there is a sound card in my hardware and it was in working condition last year, but now it isn't working, I changed it but still no use
I also have intalled latest divers

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