I am looking over my cousin's laptop he did something to it I am trying to figure out what as he wont tell me. THe laptop starts up but then freezes up on the toshiba start screen and I can go no futher. I can't acess the laptop it self. I need to know what to do from here. Please help.

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Has he enabled a BIOS / admin unlock password? What happens if you try to boot into the BIOS?

I can't even get into anything. I am going to try to make a boot disc to see it that works to see if I can get into the harddrive

If you can get into the BIOS you're fine. If you're prompted for a password, you're screwed. If you don't get either then I hear the sound of corruption.

May be it is affected with virus...Read articles in Google.com and you can find a valid solution

It can't be a virus if you're not even in the OS, you're not even reading from your hard drive at that stage.

On motherboard a bious reset jumper exist , reset your mother board bious seting using it , it wil solve your problem .
If doing this problem presist then you needs to rewrite your bious .

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