Hey everyone. I've been having trouble booting up my desktop computer. It was restarting randomly a few days earlier, but I thought it was just because it was overheating. I put an additional fan next to my computer, and the crashes seemed to stop. However, this stopped working and now I'm unable to boot up my computer at all. It will give me the "Check the monitor cable to video card" message until I restart it a few times (Because of this, I believe it may be the video card that's causing the problems), and eventually it will get to the bios screen. When I get to the bios screen, the computer freezes before I can do anything and I have to restart it again. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It's using an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Mainboard and a Radeon 9200 video card. Thanks very much in advance.

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The exact place it gets to is the ASUS Splash Screen, if that helps. on the "splash screen" it shows press tab to show post, and press alt+F2 to flash bios.. but neither gives any response. Another thing I forgot to mention.. it beeps once before freezing, does that mean the POST was successful?

hi there i think you have to turn off the PC then reset your CMOS settings including changing the lithuim battery then set jumper to clear CMOS. after that check AGP, memory as well processor level if it fits well as far as its proper positioning is concern. the nafter checking tturn on the PC and check BIOS settings again by using default settings and save it for good. Then re-start the PC again...

check asus's website or google to see what a single beep means. that beep you hear is a 'beep code'. it can mean different things depending on if it's a long or short beep (which is kind of subjective unless you know what you're listening for). considering that you're having video problems, it could be that a single beep indicates a video failure. regardless of my guessing, check that out. if nothing else, try switching out the video cable. is the monitor plugged into an AGP or PCI/PCIe video card? if so, plug it into the video port that's built into the motherboard. if not, try acquiring a video card to plug the monitor into.

replace the ram then try once again.

What worked for me is unplugging everything but 1 stick of RAM, your hard drive, and your optical drive and booting up with a system restore disc in the tray. If that doesn't work, try it again with your hard drive unplugged. If you don't have a system restore disc, use another computer running the same OS as yours to make one.

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After updating windows, the machine would no longer boot using a kvm connection freezing at the bios screen (Dell logo). When I plugged in a seperate keyboard, display, and mouse, it booted right up again.

Did you Install a new hardware? CD-Rom?

Sorry guys if my previous post caught you off guard but for ASUS it is often true.

Once there was this ASUS that I replaced its CD-ROM and it started halting (as is in this thread), so I put jumper in the HDD to make it slave and it worked.

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