I used the recovery disk for my HP Pavilion a6000n and it seems like the cd-rom stops working after awhile. It will start the recovery and sometimes make it to the second disk but then the disk just stops spinning and wont do anything after that. I've even let it sit like that overnight to see if it would finish the recovery but nothing happens.

Sounds like you have a hard drive problem .
My brothers laptop had a simillar problem and he could not get it too recover off a disk and ended up takeing it to the tech guys in PC world to find out a virus had corupted his hard drive .
Ended up haveing to have a new hard drive.
Have you tried going back into your system to a date befor you had a problem .
If your system wont let you looks like a pricey fix sorry.

Is their no recovery partition on the hard drive?

A complete format of the disk should get rid of whatever is on their.

What are you trying to do a complete system restore or just a repair?

I have a HP Pavillion 3340 and i had a similar problem with windows starting, used the recovery disc but no good, save what you can on a good external hard drive WD My Book are good, and restore the PC to origional factory settings with Drive D partition. Like New. dinnymurf.