Installed new western digital hard Drive, 160 Gig.HD is not detected in manufacturers setup disk, and also not in BIOS. chanel 1 cabel has no hard drives displayed, chanel 2 ribbon cabel(secodary), shows both my CD-RW'S. Cofused, can you help?

The origina HD has WIN XP on it.I got a virus, microsoft sent me a online fix for it, but I needed to use IE browser to do it. IE stopped working, tried to reinstall IE, but kept saying I already have a newer version and stopped the install. Now I tried to reinstall XP over the old XP, but it locked up when it asked me for a Video driver disk. Everytime I reboot the machine, it starts XP setup and does the same thing. Can not get out of it. I heard that a half installed XP you cann't ABORT, then what do I do, format and loose everything? So I installed this new drive as mentioned above and can not get it formatted or anything because it says it is not there. I changed cables, channels, trppled check the master/slave config. , I am lost. Can anyone help before I have to bite the bullet and bring it in to the shop? :o

[this is a easy fix , when your computer post it will say some where press delete for bios setup or f2,f12

in your bios go to advance then boot put ur cdrom 1st,
if u have trubble makeing changes read all around the screem spome where it will say to change value press +or - or left, right< keys >

hit esc go to save changes when ur system boots just keep pressing space bar boom u will bott off the cd u may reinstall on top or format ( i would format if i where you.)

if there stuff u can not lose take out ur hd take it to a friends pop it in and u may copy all ur files off it.

also a easy way to scan for a virus, trojans. good luck, ps i cant spell so just sound it out

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