Hi everyone...
Before a week my pc worked fine...but after some days when i started, it didn't work..so i repaired from shop...
The problem is that it shows 800 x 600 disabled resolution..so i can't change it...
My PC confg is :
Win 7 32bit
1 gb ram
Intel Pentium Dual CPU
Asus P5KPL-AM IN motherboard
And my display card was Intel g33/g31 256 MB RAM and resolution was 1280 x 720...
Please Look at the images below :

All the drivers are updated..but i can't change the resolution and when i play games inbuilt with os like solitaire,hearts,.... the msg aapers hardware acceleratios is either disabled or not supported...then msg appears Failed to create Direct X device..

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I understand that you indicated that your display driver is up to date, but based on what I see in your description and pictures, I dont beleive that you have the appropriate driver installed if in fact that display adapter is able to provide alternate resolutions.


Go to the Intel website and use their automated driver update system to find the best graphics driver as it looks like the one you are currently using is either incorrect or faulty in some way.
Upgrading from 1gig of ram to 2 or more will make an improvement too!!

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