My Systemax is around 9 yrs old it worked fine when I put it into storage the last few years but when I recently got it out and plugged everything in it just beeps intermittedly like every few seconds. I put the startup disc in and an emergency boot floppy I'd made but it doesn't even take the chance to load or recognize them.?! I'm not about taking it or paying a repair shop it should be something I could fix but I'm super stumped!!! any help would be great thanks! Godspeed!!! It's either some super simple workaround or super messed up somehow.?! Grrr...

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The onboard flash memory battery has probably died. Can you boot into the BIOS? If not, then you need to replace the battery (a silver-dollar looking thing in a carrier on the motherboard), determine which are the reset jumpers on the motherboard and short across them (the instructions should be in the owners manual, if you still have it) so it will reset the flash and bios to factory settings. At that point, you might be able to power up the system and boot it into the bios so you can reconfigure it to boot from the hard drive. Another issue that arises with systems that are shut down for a long period is a thing called stiction. This is where the drive's read/write heads settle onto the platter of the disc and due to their very flat/smooth character, become bonded to the disc platter. The solution for that is to take the drive out of the case, and holding it tightly in your hands, flip it back and forth in the same plane as the platters are. This causes the platters to rotate, breaking the heads free. The stiction can easily be too strong for the drive motor to break free, so this is the accepted fix. It has worked for me many times in the past.

try removing and reseating the Ram and Video card if one is installed

Sounds like the time and date on your bios needs to be reset. After disconnecting your computer from power for a while the internal battery looses its power and the date/time gets erased. Check this out. This will give you an alarm.

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