my pc still restarts after windows loading screen. these are what i already did.

1.) formatted hdd (tried to use it on another cpu and works fine)
2) changed the ram

but still it reboots itself. when i disable automaticrestart on system failure it just gives this technical information

0x00000007B (0xf7970524,00000034, 0x00000000,0x0000000)

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if your blue screen isnt random
i.e it occurs in a fixed interval of time
(then there may be problem of ram)


Well, there could be a reason of your processor overheating. Do this: remove the processor fan (if you have a stock fan) and check whether the thermal compound completely covers the interface between the fan and the processor. If it does not do, then remove the paste and apply it again. And then reinstall your processor. Once my pentium 4 processor shot upto 90 degrees celcius and I had to do that. After I made sure everything fits correctly it went back to 40 - 50 degrees...

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