Hi there, I forgot my bios password for my old Satelite Pro A120 and cant find the a way to reset it. Damn Toshiba did a good job on this one. Please anyone with advise or ideas? None of the searhed information works, I've took apart and reasmebled the thing about 10 times.

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I'm not intimately familiar with this model, but in general there are two ways to reset the BIOS password. If there is a battery on the motherboard that is removable, go ahead and remove it. Wait a minute and put it back in. If there is no removable battery, there should be a jumper on the motherboard that you can use to reset the settings. If you can get access to the docs it should become evident as to which option you have. If not a good magnifying glass should help as the motherboards may include labeled info.

Some newer system will require an unlock key code from the manufacturer. Go to their web site and ask their support staff.

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