I run a HP Pavillion Desktop with windows 7. I have problem where I cant intall new devices, ie a mouse, MP3 player or an external hard drive. All existing devices work ok, ie mice, MP3 players and external hard drives. I get a message device driver not successfully installed. However if I start up in Diagnostic or safe mode the new hardware works perfectly, ie Drivers have loaded OK. I have updated all the drivers from the HP website and the problem still exists.

Can anyone help.

What is the specific model number of the HP Pavilion that you own. There are several different models and I wonder if you might be trying to install drivers for a different model?

Do you know how to open Device Manager?

Start > Right-Click Computer > Manager > Device Manager

Do you see any errors?

thanks for the prompt reply
Model no is : HP6215UK
I have checked device manager and there is the following message;
Driver for this device is not installed ( code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device info set or element
I try to download from the web from the device manager and get the following message;
windows could not find driver software for this device. I have also gone to the manufactures website and downloaded the driver for the device, problem still exists.
I get this message for any new devices I try to install, but yet, the new devices work ok in safe or diagnostic mode

Firstly you will need to check whether the version of Windows 7 you have is 32bit or 64bit. You can find out which, just to be sure, by looking here:

Start > Right-click Computer > Properties...

Just under where it shows what memory you have it will say whether you have a 32bit or 64bit system.

Use the appropriate drivers below for your system.



it sounds as tough a third party service may be interfering with those USB drivers.
At the run-line - run > msconfig.exe and go to the 'services' tab.
Check the box - 'Hide all Microsoft services' and then hit the 'Disable All' button. Click 'OK' and then reboot and all third party services will be disabled upon startup. See then if the USB devices work.
If they do, it will require a tedious process of elimination by re-enabling services one at a time and rebooting until you identify the particular conflicting service.

Good luck.

Hi, I have updated all the drivers for my 64 bit PC, but the problem still exists. i have another reply from "stormal1" who advises to try another approach. Hopefully this will resolve the issue. Thanks for your help.

I'm about to try the suggestion on the "sevices" tab. i must have approx 50 services and I have a concern if I disable all of these, will my PC reboot in to a useable condition. I recognise some of the services but only a very small number. I'm a novice and have this have this worry.

If you first "HIDE all Microsoft services" before hitting 'Disable All' your PC will reboot into a useable condition because all of the Microsoft services will still be enabled. Only Microsoft's services are required for what's known as a basic "Clean Boot".

Hi, I tried as you suggested, by hiding all microsoft services and disabling the rest. I preformed a clean boot and the problem still exists. i would appreciate if you had any further ideas.

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