Hi, just joined and hopefully someone here can help me out with something that is probably simple but i have not managed to solve it yet:sad:

I have a Sony Vaio which has 20gb of hard drive.

10 gb on Vaio C and 10 on Vaio D

Now C is virtually full, i have moved stuff accross to D which is virtually empty but with little impact.

D has over 9.7gb free

How do i tell my laptop to use D in future rather than C?

There i told you it was pretty basic, at least i hope it is!!:rolleyes:

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what do you mean "How do i tell my laptop to use D in future rather than C"?

what do you mean "How do i tell my laptop to use D in future rather than C"?

If the C drive is full and the D drive virtually empty how do i ensure that all downloads and files automatically go to the D in future?

i don't know the the exact answer to you question, may be there is a way to ensure that all downloads and new prog will go to the D. The only thing i can suggest is to save all you want to the D manually:(((

There's couple of things that you can do to ease the stress on C drive:

- Rightclick Internet Explorer (if you are using one) select "properties", click on (temporary Internet Files) "settings" button, click "move folder" button and cahnge the path to the Temp. Internet files folder.

- Change swap file location: rightclick the "My computer" icon, select "properties", click on the "advanced" tab, in the "performace" box click "settings" button, in "performance options" window click on the "advanced" tab, in the "virtual memory" box click "change" button, in the "virtual memory" window click on the "D:", select "system managed size", click "set" button, click "C:", select "no paging file", click "set" button again and click all "ok" buttons to close the opened windows.

- You can use tweakwinxp to change "program files" path which will make programs automaticly select "D:\Program Files" instead of "C:\Program Files" as destination installation folder, but do it at your own peril because there is allways a possibility that it will cause problems with some allready installed programs (file not found and such messages).

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