hi friend this is with reference to my sandisk's 8 gb pen drive which contained my lots of important data is not opening, this is showing the error that "there is problem in starting 4#RFADRHH.ini requested module not found". can u pls sombody help me to resolve this, will i see my data again? plssss .... help me.

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What OS are you running? There have been issues with Windows 7 that makes it necessary to uninstall all the USB devices (in the hardware manager tool) and then reboot. The OS automatically reinstalls the required drivers. After rebooting, reattach the USB drive and you should get your connectivity back. I've been having this problem on 2 Windows 7 systems for the past 2 years... The USB ports seem to work for Most everything else, but not for USB flash drives. So far, I have not lost any data.

FWIW, a number of my colleagues have had the same problem, though it has also has been an issue with some usb hardware interfaces to our device diagnostic tools that integrate with the JTAG interfaces on our consumer gear.

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thank u guys, i have actully windows 7, not only mine but other pen drives also hav the same,but opens in other pcs.rubberman as u said i will follow the procedure, thanks once again for ur precious sugesstions.

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