I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-s2256 that is really being bizarre. The problem is intermittent. When I turn it on the hard drive clicks and the hard drive light goes on for about a second and then off. The dvd drive spins up and tries to read but wont boot from it. The bios splash screen doesn't appear (stays black), and will not boot. The last time it did this I put it in the closet and gave up on it, but I got bored today and plugged it in and it worked for a few hours. I turned it off for an hour and it wont boot again. It already has the latest bios. I took the battery out and tried to boot without it but it won't. The battery is charged. The charger is fine. I removed and reseated the memory and hard drive. It's not really worth spending much on it so taking it to a shop is out of the question. I am running linux on it without problem when it decides to boot. Vista did the same thing. Any ideas would be appreciated before I drop kick it across the yard.

had a A100 once that did that ,a can of compressed air to clean the dust build up on the heatsinc and fan worked everytime

Are you able to get into the CMOS Setup (BIOS) and restore settings to default?

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