(HP Pavillion laptop zv6000)

I had a power outage today at home. Got home, turned on the computer (was completely powered off all day), and now the screen brightness/intensity is comparable to when the laptop is not connected to an AC power supply. If I unplug the AC, the screen brightens to "normal". If I use the control panel settings for brightness, it gets very white washed.

Basically, it's as if the display is acting backwards in regards to whether or not AC is connected. Tired powering off/back on again. Tried unplugging AC supply. No effect.

Any help???

First, boot the LapTop (LT) and go directly to setup. CHeck all your settings in power and video mangement. If you have never been in there, and are afraid to change things, then there is always an easy way to reset all setting to <default>, find it and do so. This will get everything in a workable order. Then, boot windows and check all your video and power settings, if you're afraid to touch the settings, then set all settings to default. Reboot, and see if it works. I had a Compaq that came in like this and we eventually had to reflash the BIOS. Why this happened we don't know, but it did. Also, was there a thunderstorm in your area? Was this LT plugged in? Was there(OH NO) a lightning strike close to your house? Do this, then repost.


Thanks for the tips. I ended up fixing it myself. Sort of. Since the screen was annoyingly dark w/ AC connected, I unplugged the power supply and left it (screen was brighter unplugged). Unfortunately I fell asleep and the battery obviously drained down. Reconnected the AC and after fully recharging and powering the LT back up, everything was back to normal. No idea why this happened, but at least things are right again.