Hello, I've been slowly getting into PC gaming over the past few months. I've recently been playing Fallout: New Vegas.
After about half an hour of playing, i will be taken out of fullscreen and back to the desktop, with a window telling me to close Fallout to save memory. I checked the task manager to see how much memory I have left, and I have over 6 GB of memory left. I have Fallout running on some low settings.
I ignore the warning and play more, only to be blue screened with this error.
I've checked my memory using my computers diagnostic tool and no problems were detected.
I have an HP envy23. It's got an Intel Core I7 but a crummy Windows HD graphics 4000 card. It has 8GB of memory, and a 2TB hard drive.

I don't know whats causing this, can I get some help?


You need to find exact culprit by installing (http://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed) , just follow the software instructions to find the driver (most probably) causing blue screen or crash.

    IMPORTANT: IF you are using CCLEANER or any other software to clean your PC then make sure not to delete MINIDUMP files which are required by whocrashed to find the problem and this file is created after the blue screen or crash.

    Location of DUMP files is operating system specific, since you have not mentioned OS you are using then it is hard to tell you the exact location of dump file (you can google it to find) .