I have an ASUS P8H61-M LE motherboard that I purchased last year with a dual core pentium chip and 4gb of RAM. Everything was working perfectly fine until I decided to upgrade to an i5 3570K and 8gb of RAM.

I started seeing blue screens and the system was getting caught in boot loops so I figured I needed to upgrade the BIOS since the CPU was released AFTER my board was.

The problem I'm facing is that every BIOS revision I've tried to use in the ASUS EZflash utility it keeps saying "This is not an EFI BIOS" and nothing happens.

Is there another way I can flash the BIOS? Or am I missing a step? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. this will be my first BIOS flash

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Don't assume this is a BIOS problem. It may be, but first make sure that you don't have a bad RAM SIMM. In any case, your older system is still using a standard BIOS, not a UEFI BIOS, hence the error you are seeing when trying to install the flash update. IE, contact the ASUS tech support team to see if a) your basic BIOS supports 8GB of RAM (it may not), b) if it is UEFI compatible (it probably isn't), c) whether or not they have a standard BIOS update to support 8GB of RAM and this CPU.

thanks for the reply, but my existing BIOS is UEFI. Also, I have installed windows 7 on it now, and windows is even registering the i5 3570K and the full 8gb of ram without a problem, but I'm still getting random crashes and boot loops.

You may just have a bad RAM chip. Assuming you aren't using ECC (error-corrected code) RAM, this is a distinct possibility. Run a memory tester to see.

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