I have a PS3 controller with a USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Windows installed its own drivers successfully. However, to connect the controller with the adapter, I had to use third party drivers. However when the third party drivers were installed, they over rode / disabled the Windows drivers.

When I am playing games, the controller disconnects (Not completely, just for a second then comes back) - I think this is due to the computer disabling the Bluetooth adapter to save power however I cannot turn this driver off because the third party driver has disabled the Windows driver. Therefore, the Windows driver does not show in the control panel.

How could I solve this?

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What're your third party drivers?

I don't understand why they think motioninjoy is horrible >.< I've been using it for years and it's sufficient for me.

Anyway, in your device manager, can you find anything that resembles "BTH DS3 Device"?

I didn't use it because it wouldn't recognise my bluetooth adapter. Here is my device manager. 7566b7d600773ecbcff61a90b9c40f1b

Ahh, I can't test the SCP drivers because my Bluetooth dongle broke.

Perhaps your dongle is malfunctioning?

commented: Thank you for going to so much trouble. +3

I think the dongle is okay, the problem occurs less frequently when the donlge is at the front on the rig than the back, I found this out yesturday. However it still happens sometimes, any suggestions?

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