When using my Toshiba laptop the screen went black for a few seconds, came back, the went black again permanently. I turned it off but when I turn it back on the Toshiba loud up screen comes on but the screen again goes black afterwards.

The solution of, 'turn it off, plug it out, take the battery out and hold the power button for a minutes', DOES NOT WORK!

I can start the laptop up in safe mode but I don't know how to troubleshoot the problem.

Using an external monitor doesn't work.

I have no problem in restoring the laptop but I can't afford to lose Microsoft Office.

The laptop operates on Windows 8.1 and I was using Chrome, Excel and Drivermax when it crashed. I thought Drivermax was the problem so I deleted the latest driver download from it and uninstalled Drivermax altogether but it didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Let me get this straight. The screen goes black when booting up normally, but it's find in safe mode, correct?

In safe mode, make sure all of the driers that were installed are removed. Next, go to the manufacturers website, and look up your laptop. Download the drivers listed there and reinstall them (the manufacturer sometimes has their drivers modified). You might as well make sure there all installed, but in particular, make sure you download the grahpics driver(s) and the chipset drivers, as well as power management drivers.

If that doesn't work, well, you ruled out a lot of possibilities, so come back here.

Yeah, I would stay away from those automatic driver installers.

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