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I meet a problem
I bought a WD HDD (WD2500AAKX) with SATA3 connection but my motherboard chipset only supports SATA1.
The question is: how to set jumpers and to slow down speed at 1.5 Gbps?
On the HDD is saying that Jumper on Pin 5-6 slow down to 3 Gbps.
When i connect the HDD, the BIOS doesn't see it.
And all over the internet it saying that SATA3 is compatible with SATA1 chipset

thanks in advance :)

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What motherboard and version of BIOS do you have?

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Thanks i already solved the problem!
2/4 SATA connectors are bad on my MotherBoard
switched to another connector it works but i can't create partitions on HDD ))


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