Hello everyone i have a Toshiba Satellite m55-s1001 with Ubuntu installed. I recently when on a trip and when i arrived at the other airport found my laptop dead. I don't know what might have caused it. I don't know if the airport's xray machines can cause static discharge into the machine.

My laptop freezes randomly. Most of the times the screen won't even come on. When it does it could freeze as grub is loading the opearting system or even inside the BIOS. I have tried resitting the memory and memory troubleshooting. I don't think its the hard drive because it froze inside the BIOS. I'm starting to think its a bad motherboard.

In any case, i did set up the BIOS for beep confirmation and when it goes thru it does give me the regular beep signaling me that all the hardware is ok....but that isn't the case lol. If anyone could help or give me your 2 cents i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again!!!

Not a dead battery. I tried removing the battery and powering on with AC power and still does the same thing.

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